Logo Design Services

We design logos and graphics for new and existing small businesses around Lake Norman.

A professional-looking logo is a key component to building a successful company. Let us design your logo today!

Here is our logo design process, from concept to final

Our logo and graphic design process includes three main phases:

Discovery phase
We start by learning about your product or brand. It's important for us also to know your target audience.  The more we understand your brand, the easier we can visualize a logo concept and related marketing materials.

Design phase
This is the fun part. In this phase, we put "pen to paper". We like to rough in 2-3 different concepts for you to choose from.

Refining phase
After determining which style you prefer, it's time to finalize your logo and graphics. This includes experimenting with color combinations, minor position tweaks, letter kerning, etc.

Recent logo design work

Our logo design gallery

Over the years, we have designed hundreds of logos for customers. Each of these logos symbolizes and identifies the company's brand, product, or service.

Logo design for Maiden Brewery
Fastball U logo
Foxy's Sports logo
Church logo design
Logo design for Precision Cabinets
Logo design for Green Septic
Finger Lakes Reviews logo
Aporkalypse Now logo
Logo design for ebay store
Valle Pro Baseball Gloves logo

We design business cards too!

A well designed business card is a great way to show off your business. Here are some cards we have designed over the years.

Business card design with full color
Bright themed business card design
Business card with promo code
Industrial themed business card design
3-color business card design
Wine themed business card design
Baseball themed membership card
Green themed business card design
Business card design with photo background
Minimalistic business card design
Business card on dark background
Modern themed business card design