Client Testimonials & Reviews

We love helping our customers succeed!

Since 2001, we have been helping clients succeed by improving their online marketing efforts. Whether it's a new website, or better search ranking, we can help you get it done! 

Here are a few customer reviews of the Maiden Web Design team and our work.

Diplomat Banquet Center
"Patrick is wonderful to work with! Kind, Patient, Intelligent & Creative. Very quick to respond."

— Jenna C.

Fran Springer Interiors
"I wanted to tell you, that after visiting my website a few times, and having had others visit it--I just LOVE IT. I really do. I wanted you to know how much I appreciated all your hard work--and that the investment really has paid off for me. (use this as one of your testimonials!!) You were so amazing and patient and kind--and never lost your temper with me--which can be hard to do with a very particular woman. You are one of a kind, and I just can't say enough about you. You have to be the best in the northeast of this country, if not the entire US!!"

— Fran S.

WinQuest Inc.
"Mr LaJuett did a great job for us when he built our website. He helped with the design and lay out for the website, and he built the website in a short amount of time. I would highly recommend that you choose him for your website development needs."

Christopher F.

Tuxedo Books
"Pat has been instrumental in helping me achieve some project milestones. He has helped guide my on-line programs from research through design, implementation, and optimization. Pat always comes through with practical solutions from the rough sketches proposed on web site design and implementation. I have always had quick response from Pat on all questions and concerns over my web site performance, sometimes late into the evening hours when most professionals have left the office. I highly recommend Pat as a valued creative and practical partner in any on-line business."

— John H.

Nobles Defense
"Patrick has been a key player on my team for several years now. His web ability is second to none. I have gained many, many clients from his work and knowledge of how to build a better website. I have recommended him to other lawyers many times and will continue to do so."

— James N.

"Patrick has done several projects for our team and is fantastic at putting ideas to work. There hasn't been a project that he wasn't able to handle quickly and effectively. His no-nonsense approach allows us to tackle a project and move on to the next one."

— Scott L.

Advanced Mold & Tooling
"Patrick did a very nice job with minimal guidance."

— Peter G.

BizWonk Inc.
"Patrick is extremely easy to work with, cooperative, relaxed, and conscientious. I have recommended him to customers and partners on several occasions."

Suzanne D. H.

Maplewood Nursing Home
"A great experience with Patrick working on my projects."

— Greg C.

E3 Technologies
"Top notch. Pat is an all around great guy and a good member of our team."

Anthony V.

Hilton CSD
"The Hilton Central School District Communications Director worked directly with Patrick along with our in-district technology support team to launch a complete redesign of the district's website- I worked with Patrick over a period of six months to apply focus group findings, internal discussion, as well as additional artistic design consulting to create a professional presence on the web. Even though the District had a basic website since 1996, the redesign strengthened and expanded the ability of the school district to communicate with constituents. The expertise Patrick provided was essential to the launch."

— Barb C.

NVal Solutions, Inc.
"Patrick LaJuett is extremely talented and efficient and one of the best creative persons I have come across. He and his team produce very high quality work efficiently and with the very latest technological input. I highly recommend him and his company."

— Aaron S.

AOL Search / AOL Yellow Pages Marketing and Promotions
"The ad banners are kicking some SERIOUS click-thru ass! So happy after all that. Thank you for such great stuff and for hanging through all the issues :D"

— Missy W.