About Us

A family-owned Lake Norman area web design company.

Maiden Web Design has 25+ years of website design experience

In 2001, we started our web design and marketing company up in Rochester, NY. Over the years our business grew to become a top SEO agency in New York State. In the summer of 2016, we decided to relocate down to the beautiful foothills of Maiden, NC.

We design mobile-friendly websites and build them right here in Maiden. Our shop is located a few miles West of Lake Norman, near Laneys Airport.

We design websites for companies in the Lake Norman area

Over the years, we have built hundreds of websites for companies of all sizes. We now focus on smaller sites to help local LKN area businesses improve their web presence.

The websites we design are powered by Google Sites technology. A perfect fit for small businesses looking for affordable, modern looking websites.

We love living in North Carolina... great people, solid values, low taxes and awesome weather!

— Denise & Patrick LaJuett

Why work with Us?

  • All design work is performed locally in Maiden, NC.

  • As business owners, we understand the unique challenges of operating a small business.

  • We have the skills of the larger design agencies, but with less overhead.

  • We focus on creativity, craftsmanship and building strong customer relationships.

  • We provide unmatched courtesy, responsiveness, and quality during each web design project.

We provide the area's most affordable custom website design and SEO solutions.

We work hard to understand your Web design needs. We're committed to designing unique Web solutions that will help your business succeed.

Past clients

  • Bausch & Lomb

  • Duke University

  • Eastman Kodak Company

  • Google

  • MasterCraft

  • MLB Network

  • SiriusXM

  • St. Jude Children's Hospital

  • Times Oil Corporation

  • WLON Radio

Mission Statement

Guided by Christian values, Maiden Web Design provides professional website design services with a focus on visibility, usability and affordability.

Vision Statement

To be the authoritative source for creative website design and SEO services in the Lake Norman area of North Carolina.